The Evolution of Mayiah

The infusion of olive oil and wild harvested St. John’s wort creates antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties. When applied to the skin, it helps heal numerous skin conditions and disorders. This is the natural skin care remedy that the villagers in Greece used over 100 years ago, and one that my aunt recreated. I passed out samples of my aunt’s skin care remedy to people with burns and other skin conditions, and the early feedback was so overwhelmingly positive, that my aunt and I knew that the oil was a very unique and special product. That’s when we both decided I should move forward by marketing “Mayiah” (it means magic in Greek) to the public.

Island of Evia, Greece

People were amazed by the results; they couldn’t believe the healing properties of what the oil was capable of doing and that it was 100% all natural. Everyone kept asking if I had other products and recommended creating a skin care line that was all natural, clean and non-toxic. Not understanding what they meant by “all natural,” I began researching the skin care industry, and what I found was alarming.

What I Found

“Creative marketing” lures consumers to unknowingly expose themselves to toxic chemicals. The harsh reality is that frequent exposure to many chemicals has potential health risks. I quickly realized that consumers are becoming more health conscious and understand that what they apply to their skin can have a major impact on their overall health. I now understood the demand for 100% all natural skin care.

What makes Mayiah different than other products?

The greatest challenge of creating a natural product is figuring out which preservatives to use that will help with a product’s shelf life. Unfortunately, most natural preservatives will not create a sustainable shelf life for more than a few weeks, which is the main reason why companies struggle and are forced to add harmful chemicals to preserve their products.

Mayiah is different. The “secret” infusion process of olive oil and St. John’s wort creates a natural preservative. The Mayiah oil for skin care remedy has antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial properties. Because of this, we are able to add the oil to our ingredients and create our own 100% natural preservative. We have our products laboratory tested for microbial growth to validate our claim. This ability was discovered by accident and has now become the foundation for our Mayiah product line.